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Thanks to
Untoldwind, Sue, Eric and XavierPayne for the C4-C7 Macintosh Builds

Murky VolumeMurky Volume - a volumetric effect to attenuate light through water.
CumulusS3DCumulus S3D - a puffy animatable volumetric cloud shape
QuicksaveQuicksave - make an instant backup file of changes to a scene and key framed data.  Many properties are saved but objects are not.
Terrain PluginsTerrain Plugins - the Terrain Intersection distribution shader and Texture Map terrain filter

The Instance Randomizer - randomly assign shader values to duplicate object instances

The Wheels Modifier - automatically steers and spins the wheels of any vehicle during animation

The Jiggle Deformer - fakes the simulation of soft flesh dynamics when animating people or animals.  New Update April 2019.

The Tracks and Chains Package - arranges and animates tank tracks and drive chains

The Belt Drive - generates the mesh and wraps a belt around a number of pulley wheels

The Transforms Package - a number of scene commands to save time.  Jump the hot point of one object exactly onto another, move or rotate an object by a precise amount - operations you can do in the vertex room and want to do in the scene assembly room

The Spring Primitive - models and animates helical springs

The Pin Modifier - pins buttons etc onto flexible mesh objects

The Cloth Deformer - a simple dynamic cloth plugin

The Auto-MipMapper Shader - generates and selects lower resolution texture maps to reduce and remove moire patterns and twinklies

The MipMapper Shader - reduces or removes moire patterns and twinklies

The Laboratory - gain access to experimental plugins and other projects

Assistants Required

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